My Place is In the Resistance

Yesterday I got to participate in the Paris Women’s March. Yesterday women everywhere got to participate in Women’s Marches everywhere. And men. And children. And, despite the downplaying by the new president (first a snooty jab, then a trite conciliatory whine), this massive showing suggests that people are not happy with the tone and direction our new president has struck.

Amen to that.

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about a person whose name I no longer remember, but he was a celebrity of sorts, and he was talking about baiting Trump on Twitter. He basically argued that it’s likely that Trump is one of those social media users who spends all day looking at their own posts and the performance of said posts, and at all the lovely things people are saying about them. So this guy was saying, why don’t we just tweet at him? He’ll probably see the messages.

I have to admit that I had some trepidation about the idea. For two reasons. 1: Trolls. 2: What if I (and a bunch of other people) tweeted something at Trump and got him all riled up and then he did something stupid like start a war with China or blow up a Russian city with some nukes.

Also, how crazy is it that I’m wondering about whether I would have moral responsibility if 140 characters sent to the leader of the free world caused WWIII? Hello, and welcome to the funhouse of Trumpland.

Anyway, I decided to give it a try. This morning, baffled by the invisibility of the Women’s Marches on the feed of the Tweeter in Chief, I posted this to Twitter:

No response. No trolls. But 4 hours later he finally acknowledged the marches had happened. I don’t think I get any credit, but I’m going to keep trying.

Twitter aside, though, we’re all going to have to have a laser focus on democracy, liberty, a free press, and human and civil rights in the next 4 years. And no turning our heads when bullshit is happening. We have to call it. And fight against it. Figuring out the right steps for that has to start today.