A Working Canvas

A few weeks back I blogged on my current effort to assemble a matrix of understanding around my work with The Salmon Project. To build some scaffolding on which I could hang some understanding, or something that feels like meaning.

This effort continues. A few days ago one of my advisors sent me some musings on structure, and suggested that one format this work could take might be a “series of blog posts… to your friends and colleagues… about or stemming from The Salmon Project.” He may not have meant the idea literally, but I’m going to experiment with what it would feel like to use this space to help put form around my thoughts. I’ve been working from an outline for weeks, but it keeps getting bigger and more complicated, and what I may actually need to do is write a series of small essays that can gel into something larger.

This is an experiment, but I’m going to move ahead with it and see what takes shape.