Day Zero?

I’m tired, and I should be turning my lights out. Two weeks ago I had incredible “sleep hygiene.” The same wakeup time every day, a very early bedtime, a solid commitment to 8 hours of sleep.

COVID-19 has upended all that. Sure, part of it is the unhealthy media diet. (Binge, binge, binge.) Some of it is trying to figure out how to do my job around the waking hours of my son. Some of it is the need to do more, more, more.

So I ought not be posting. But I feel I should. Because looking back in a few days or a week, it may turn out that this was Day 0 before everything went insane, and I want to memorialize it.

So here’s what happened in my life today, in no particular order:

  • Auggie and I snuggled in bed and hid under the covers together for 45 minutes
  • Chris showered and went to work
  • We made pancakes
  • I worked a bit while Auggie watched some PBS
  • We went to see 2 baby goats, 2 mama goats, 2 horses, a pony, and two donkeys
  • We stopped in work to get my plants and my computer plug before calling the office “closed”
  • We had a walk up by the governor’s mansion and down the staircase to Willoughby
  • We ate quesadillas with greens
  • Chris did more late-night Costco shopping for random things
  • I worked on my laptop
  • Auggie and Chris went for a run
  • I talked to my brother
  • I wrote an email to the borough and the school district asking them to close down school buildings to all people (read: teachers) and to start putting firmer restrictions on other workplaces
  • Auggie and I went for a walk at Lena Beach

I just wanted to write some of those things down because I think it’s possible I’ll look back soon and realize how simple life’s pleasures were today.